Saturday, June 27, 2009

Unemployment in Mexico

8AM - Unemployment in Mexico
If you don't have a job in Mexico, the custom is to get something and sell it in order to earn money. Little Mavicita took the pic below during our morning walk. This pic is of a lady standing front of Mitsubishi Electric with a tricycle loaded with corn for sale. The corn is kept warm with a gas fired heater.

This lady worked at the Mitsubishi plant, but got laid off. Her father helped her buy the tricycle. She paid for the pots and stove. Now she sells hot corn to employees of Mitsubishi when they go on break and come to work for the shift change.

Maybe there's really little unemployment in Mexico. But some who sell like this for a living do not earn enough to support themselves.
Selling corn for a living.
Temperature at 8am: 54°F - Elevation: 6,327 feet

2PM - Weekend mercado.
Every Saturday and Sunday in San Juan del Rio, there is a block long mercado [market]. MsTioga made a Nite Camp here during this week. Yesterday afternoon we stopped here and met a few people already setting up their stalls. So, we decided to return today to see this mercado.

At a popular food stand I ate a "huarache", a large open faced taco with beef, cheese, onions and shredded cabbage. Also, a "pambazo", a fried ham sandwich. One stall had a bunch of parakeets for sale. Was I tempted to buy a bird? A little!
The mercado.

A bunch of boids.

A word about Boid.
Little Boid lived with me for about a year. Boid was a wonderful parakeet who had a fantastic sense of humor. You may read a blog post that I wrote about Boid by clicking [here].