Monday, June 22, 2009

View from the bridge

7AM - View from the bridge at sunrise.
Little Mavicita and I took our morning walk by going over the bridge under construction. This bridge is an overpass of the highway entering Tequisquiapan from the north.
View at sunrise.

Fell down on my head!
Just after Little Mavicita captured the pano pic above, we continued walking along the overpass. I did not see the short piece of rebar extending out from the bridge wall and about 2" high off the gravel. My foot caught the rebar and I went down flat. My knees did not even bend. I went down like a giant hinge my foot pivoting on that rebar.

Somehow both my hands went out to break my fall. My forehead just above my right eye hit the gravel. What a BIG goose-egg I have there! I sat there on the gravel for a couple of minutes waiting for the pain in my hands and forehead to subside.

Back inside MsTioga, I put a frozen pork chop on the goose-egg. There is small cut in the middle of the goose-egg which quickly cleaned up without further bleeding.

I just have to stop wearing my glasses while walking! My glasses severely limit my perimeter vision. I never wear glasses while walking on MsTioga's roof anymore. A fall from up there might be the end of me.

12 Noon - New mini-blinds.
You may recall that MsTioga had been asking for new mini-blinds for quite awhile. Our present mini-blinds have had their mechanisms refuse to work. And, the cords attached to the bottom rung have been coming loose.

Our friends Jimena and her husband Pete who live here in Tequisquiapan bought their mini-blinds from Susy Decorations, and recommended Susy to us. Today we made a deal with Susana Chávez, owner of Susy for five new blinds. These are scheduled for installation on July 1st.

There are worse things than death.
Living scared, for example. Several Readers have contacted me by ShoutBox and email, warning to see a doctor to examine my head bump. I am not going to a doctor. However, I thank you who wrote, and those who have not written but are concerned.

I just refuse to cling to my life so hard, that I run to a doctor with today's fall. If I did, I would cease to be the same guy that I am now.

I am not suggesting that you follow my example. This is my choice in order to live the kind of life that I wish to lead.