Wednesday, July 01, 2009


Something went wrong with the DVD player in my Sony laptop and it refused to play DVD movies. Figuring that the problem was the DVD's driver I went to the Sony website and downloaded a new driver. To test out the driver I grabbed a DVD from the cabinet, and it turned out to be "The Making of Amadeus", the story of how the movie of the life of Mozart was made! Somewhere in Mexico I'd picked up the DVD "Amadeus" and a DVD of the story of making this Academy Award winning movie was included.

For some unknown reason I'd never viewed "The Making of Amadeus" before. Watching it now captivated me with the story behind this fabulous movie. Amadeus was released in 1984. "The Making of Amadeus" was filmed eighteen years later in 2002. You may imagine the tremendous perspective as the actors who are now much older told their story about how they got their parts and recalled stuff that happened during the shooting of the movie.

Of course the music is absolutely wonderful. It is Mozart, what else could it be? [link]
Actor F. Murray Abraham in Amadeus.

1PM - All window headers re-installed!

Well, we just finished re-installing the window headers in MsTioga's living/dining room. It took a little while to do this job. First, we had to locate wood of the right size to attach the header.

As you may see in the pic below, there are a lot of window side panels to dispose. Also in this pic, is the dining room window showing its header.
Stack of old window side-panels.