Saturday, July 18, 2009

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour's Party!

3PM - Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour's Party!
When Jorge, Little Mavicito and Ms. Vaio arrived in Houston, Texas yesterday, we were not able to log onto the airport's internet network. We don't know why!

When we arrived at Cousin Jacky's home in Orange County, California, we were unable to go online again. Ms. Vaio could not browse the internet. And, using Cousin Jacky's computer we could not log into our Blogger account. Again, we did not know why? The fates were against us! Oh my!

Now it is 3PM, and Jacky and I have just checked into the Holiday Inn Express in Carpinteria, California. The hotel has wonderful internet access, so we are finally able to tell you about what has happened since our flight took off yesterday from Morelia, Mexico!

Aunt Shirley and Uncle Seymour's party begins at 5pm. This party is located in Santa Barbara. We will board a catamaran boat called the "Channel Cat." We will be celebrating Seymour & Shirley's 60th wedding anniversary and Shirley's 80th birthday.

What a great time!


No Google maps during our California visit.