Monday, July 06, 2009

But not today!

But not today!
MsTioga has a living room which consists of two comfortable upholstered chairs. Behind one of these chairs is a ticking clock. This morning I was sitting in this chair listening to that clock, hearing the roosters crowing outside. And comforted by these sounds.

These sounds keep me grounded in the passing of time. For I am the fourth oldest person in my family. Most of the older ones of that once large family have gone away to where we all go someday. A pic of a 1946 party with those familiar and loved faces looks out at me from their place on my office wall. And I will be with them some day. But not today!

For today I will search for adventure in this wonderful land of Mexico. My heart filled with the joy of my fabulous life and comforted by my mortality.
I am the boy below the blue arrow.

8AM - Tranquel San Vicente.
Walking around Rancho San Vicente, it seems to me that there is no hurry to begin the day. A few people walking and visiting with each other. A tractor moving along a dirt road. I suppose that there is plenty time to do the work, or it will be done tomorrow!
Looking toward the lake in morning half-light.

11AM - Staying in San Vicente.

We had a Team Meeting, and decided to stay another nite in Rancho San Vicente. We like the sound of this little town. From inside MsTioga we hear voices of people talking. It is very peaceful here.

MsTioga drove to the other side of the park and found a nice street to make our Camp. Our neighbor across the street is Angelica, and we asked her for permission to stay the nite. Of course Angelica gave her permission.
Our new Camp in San Vicente.

2PM - Messing around!
Some guys called out asking me to come join them and chat. This is the custom in Mexico. To stand around drinking beer and chatting. I remained there for a couple of hours. I only drank one beer though. Anymore than one and I would get dizzy!
Messing around with the guys.