Thursday, July 23, 2009

Crazy for history!

Crazy for history!
It is absolutely true that I am crazy for history. If my memory were excellent, I likely would have been a history teacher. Unfortunately my memory is terrible.

This morning I was reading about the life of Walter Cronkite who died recently. This led to reading about William S. Paley who took Columbia Broadcasting System from a small network to the giant it became in radio and television.

That led me to read about Edward R. Murrow who worked for CBS all his life. Murrow became famous during World War Two and his reports from London. I personally remember listening to Murrow's "See It Now" program where he criticized Senator Joseph McCarthy who was behind America's terrible "Red Scare" era.

Internet researching.
Being connected to the internet as I am anywhere that I travel is truly a miracle. And being able to do history research using the internet is just plain wonderful for me!

4PM - It's how much gas you use.
Are thinking about being an RVer, and concerned about the price of gasoline? Well, MsTioga has a thought for you. "The important thing is not the price of gasoline. It's how much gas you use."

For example, take our 33 mile trip today. MsTioga gets about 8 miles per gallon. So, today's trip used a little over 4 gallons of gas. The cost of gasoline in Mexico is now $2.21/gallon which means that MsTioga's gas today cost about $8.80US.

Could you afford $8.80/day for gas? Hmmmm?
TiogaRV Team in Coroneo residential neighborhood.
Temperature at 5PM: 73°F - Elevation: 7,464 feet