Monday, July 27, 2009


10AM - Dermatologist
MsTioga and The Team drove to San Juan del Rio looking for the office of the dermatologist that our friend Jimena Schuster recommended. However, we only had the doctor's approximate location and his phone number. I bought a phone card and called the office. Only got a phone answering machine.

Leaving MsTioga in a large field, I walked toward where I believed the office would be. I asked a lady in a store if she knew a Doctor Robles and she pointed me in the direction of his office. After asking about four more people, I arrived at the doctor's office.

The sign stated that the office opens at 11am. So, I went back for MsTioga and drove her back and parked around the corner from Dr. Robles.

11AM - Basal cell carcinoma.

I waited in the doctor's waiting room for about 30 minutes. The doctor was in consultation with another patient. When I met Dr. Robles, I found him to be a 50s something man dressed in a T-shirt, short pants and running shoes. My kind of guy! When he asked me my address and learned that I lived in MsTioga, he was very interested. "I would like to live that kind of life!", the doctor told me. I gave the doctor a Tioga-George business card and invited him to read my website.

The doctor and I communicated in both Spanish and English. We are both just about the same in fluency with each others language. He gave me a full body examination. Afterward, he told me that I have two basal cell carcinoma growths on my nose.

I have an appointment to return to the doctor to have these two cancers removed on 10 August at 6:30pm. The cost of today's doctor's visit is $300 pesos [$23.40US].

2PM - Mary's Restaurant.
Off the main drag thru San Juan del Rio is Mary's Restaurant. A very popular place which daily at lunch time often has more than 100 customers thruout the afternoon. I ordered Pollo A La Plancha [grilled chicken breast] followed by Fresa con Crema for dessert. Sooooo good!

Cost, $85 pesos [$6.63US].
Mary's Restaurant.

Pollo a la Plancha

Fresa con crema