Sunday, July 05, 2009

Election day in Mexico

9AM - Election Day in Mexico
Little Mavicita and I began what would become a one hour Morning Walk. We wondered if we would stumble upon a voting place. It is Election Day this Sunday.

A voting place eluded us. However, we walked thru a huge mercado. There was a large restaurant area inside this mercado. Most people were eating soup for breakfast. Soup, or consomme as they call it here, is very popular in Mexico.

Our walk took us up to the center of town where we saw a lovely church. We passed a gorgeous shaded creek and a park with many trees and places to sit.
Looking down on the mercado.

Church in El Centro.

My health.
During my examination by my cardiologist in Tequis a few weeks ago, I was very surprised when the doctor asked me if I felt dizzy at times. I was very surprised because I had not mentioned to the doctor anything about my dizziness.

I'd been experiencing dizziness over the past several years upon changing position. For example, going underneath MsTioga and lying down in bed. I'd asked other doctors about this, and they examined my inner ear. And found nothing in my ears which would lead to dizziness.

My cardiologist showed me an irregularity in my heartbeat clearly visible in the printout of my electrocardiogram. This irregularity which only appears every so often in this printout, was causing my dizziness.

I only have moderate symptoms from enlarged prostate. Other than these few things, I feel in pretty good shape. I've no aches or pains. I have complained here in my blog about not walking in a straight line. However, if I remove my eye glasses, that walking problem does not happen. Recently I bought an eye glass necklace which allows me to easily remove my glasses while walking or going on to MsTioga's roof.

Nearly every day I do exercises with my dumb bell weights. Also sit ups and back exercises. With my dumb bell weights, I do forearm exercises which completely eliminate wrist and forearm muscle aches. My back exercises eliminate lower back aches.
Jorge doing one of two forearm exercises.

3PM - Camped in San Vicente Mungia.
Today MsTioga traveled 21 miles to reach our Camp in San Vicente Mungia. If you look at one of the Google Maps [links below], you will see that our Camp is near a very large lake or reservoir.

Little Mavicita took some videos of our trip today because she wanted to show you the nice road, the lovely green country resulting from the rain and other stuff too!