Friday, July 10, 2009

Essential RV equipment.

Essential RV equipment.
In 2003 when MsTioga was bought, there was additional equipment that I considered essential for a great fulltiming life. If you are thinking about becoming a fulltimer, you might like to have this equipment too!
  • Datastorm satellite internet system: There are many ways to connect to the internet. Only a satellite type connection allows you to be online almost everywhere [link].
  • Levelers: A fulltimer has got to be level. For comfort and for refrigerator health [link].
  • Solar electric system: Solar is necessary for the vagabonding RVer who does not stay in RV campgrounds. And, having solar opens up tons of camping possibilities [link].
  • GPS system: In 2003 we used the DeLorme GPS software. However, now we would not be without our Garmin Nuvi GPS.

9AM - Camped in Morelia.
Driving toward the City of Morelia today, MsTioga moved along with morning commute traffic. When we were within the city limits, instead of looking around, we decided to find a residential neighborhood to make a Camp. There is just too much traffic now to explore.

3PM to 5PM - Giant walk around the neighborhood.
I should take our Garmin Nuvi GPS when taking walks like this. Little Mavicita and I went east from our Camp, then south. Then instead of going back the way we came, we decided to go west to get back to MsTioga. This may not be a completely safe thing to do. Because we are not familiar with this neighborhood. What if we got lost?

We kept going west then north, cutting sort of at an angle back toward where we believed MsTioga was waiting for us. Luckily, we when we finally figured out where we were, MsTioga was only a few blocks away!
View from the footbridge over the highway near our Camp.
Temperature at 5pm: 69°F - Elevation: 6,293 feet