Friday, July 03, 2009

The Family Man

Happy 233rd birthday!

7AM - The Family Man
You know that I share with you the stuff that goes on in my life. I just watched a movie. A movie that I've watched many times. It's called, "The Family Man."

This is the story about a guy who believes he has everything. However, he is unaware that he has given up sooooo much to get where he is. And then, thru some miracle, he is given a glimpse of what could have been.

Wow! What a great story, and what perspective I get watching this movie. No wonder I've watched it so many times! [link].

Like Jack Campbell in "The Family Man", I've been given a second chance. A glimpse at what could be. And that glimpse gave me perspective which has changed everything for me.

Everyday I do the things that you do. Get up out of bed, turn on music, get ready to take a hot shower. Shave, brush teeth. Get dressed and go take a morning walk. Come back to MsTioga and prepare breakfast. Wash dishes and clean up around the house.

Perhaps there is one thing that may be different in my life compared to your own. I am doing all these daily things in a different place almost everyday. And being in a different place everyday keeps me 110% aware of the absolute fabulous wonder of my life!

What a gift is perspective!

8AM - Report cards.
Today is report card day for the school where MsTioga is Camped. Except that here report cards are called boletos. During my morning walk I saw parents waiting at the school yard gate and asked what was going on.

A mother of one of the students told me that it is the day that boletos are received by parents. When I went to school in California, the teacher handed out report cards and we took them home for our parent's signature. Here, the parents go to school to receive the boletos in person.

Later on, I had a nice chat with a bunch of students who are very friendly and polite.
A few parents chatting while waiting for boletos.

2PM - RVs for sale in Amealco!
MsTioga and The Team arrived in the City of Amealco. Jorge does not wish to sound as if he is bragging, but he drove right thru the center of town. The streets are sometimes pretty narrow and twisting here. We are experienced enough now, to use our mirrors to know if we have clearance enough. Sometimes it is necessary to lift up out of the driver's seat to get a better look at the passenger side's clearance!

We have made a Day Camp on the north side of town where it is level. Most of the rest of town is built on a hill. We passed two RVs which are for sale. This is VERY unusual in Mexico. To even see an RV that is owned by a Mexican is extremely uncommon let alone to find two of them for sale! I spoke with the owner who told me that it is hard to sell an RV to Mexican people because they are not accustomed to using RVs.
RVs for sale in Amealco.

4PM - Professional taco stand.
In all my travels around Mexico, I've never seen a more professional looking crew than at "Tacos El Picudo." Wow! What great uniforms. Reminds of "In-N-Out Burger."

I ate two tacos. Wonderful! 10 pesos for the two [77 cents US].
Tacos El Picudo.
Temperature at 5pm: 64°F - Elevation: 8,599 feet