Monday, July 20, 2009

Flying back to Mexico!

Flying back to Mexico!
10AM - John Wayne Airport.
Cousin Jacky and I headed toward John Wayne Airport in Santa Ana, California. My flight is scheduled for 11:35am takeoff, and I wanted to be one hour early. Jacky dropped me off at the Continental Airlines terminal, only a few feet from the check-in counter.

My flight changes planes in Houston, Texas and the time between flights is only 47 minutes. Since this airport is pretty big, Continental Airlines decided that I should take an electric cart thru the airport. No problem checking into the flight to Mexico on time!

8AM - MsTioga waits for us to return!
When our flight landed at Morelia Airport, we found MsTioga waiting patiently for us to return. MsTioga was in great condition. Nobody bothered her while we were on our trip to California!

We paid the parking lot charges, $630 pesos [$49.14US], then headed a few miles away to Pueblo Alvaro Obregรณn where we made our Nite Camp.

What a great trip!