Friday, July 24, 2009

In love with romance movies.

In love with romance movies.
As you may know, I love movies. Especially romance movies where they live happily ever after! Heartbreak! Strangely, I love stories where there is heartbreak as long as the heart mends into love.

Last nite's movie, "Definitely, Maybe" is such a movie.

Rain has turned the land green!
Nearly every afternoon and evening, the rain begins. And a good thing too. The people of Mexico depend on the rain to grow crops and nourish sheep, cattle and goats.

A month ago much of the land was brown. Not anymore. The rain has turned the land green. Flowers are everywhere.
Flowers everywhere!

Corn growing.

Sheep eating grass.

2PM - Chinese restaurant in Amealco.
I've eaten in Chinese restaurants all over the country of Mexico. The very best Chinese food in all of Mexico, is "El Mandaryn" in the Town of Amealco. The owner of the restaurant, a Mexican man, worked for ten years in a Chinese restaurant in the USA. After returning to his hometown of Amealco, he built his own restaurant and used his experience to prepare delicious Chinese food for his customers.

This is the 2nd time I have eaten at El Mandaryn. Today I ordered Almond Chicken, and it was wonderful.
El Mandaryn in Amealco.