Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Lance Armstrong racing in France!

Lance Armstrong racing in France!
If you have been following the TiogaRV adventures for awhile, you may know that we are Lance Armstrong fans. Armstrong quit bicycle racing after his 7th straight Tour de France win in 2005.

Now, four years later, Armstrong has returned to the Tour de France. And this race is soooooo exciting! Armstrong's winning technique in this race is to position himself close to the leader. Then using his fantastic abilities to climb mountains, win the race by taking the lead in the steepest mountains of the Alps.

Mont Ventoux is the name of the mountain where Lance Armstrong may claim for the eighth time the win of the Tour de France. Armstrong is now only eight seconds behind the race leader. Easy striking distance to win the race up Mont Ventoux on Saturday, July 25th!

2PM - Laundry?

Our laundry was not done at the promised 12 noon. On returning at 2pm, the laundry is still not done. So, we are returning at 4pm.

The thing is, every time I go to pick up the laundry, a walk is taken around the block. There is a wonderful bakery in this walk that makes cookies. There is one cookie that I love. Somehow this cookie is rolled and baked into many, many layers. It is sweet and crunchy.

3PM - MsTioga's Webhost is down!
Our webhost is 1&1 Internet. This afternoon something happened to 1&1 because we have no internet connection to our website. We also have no FTP. And no email. It has been over eight hours and we still have no service from 1&1.

We do not have phone service here in Mexico, or we would phone 1&1. Their 24-hour support line is: 1-877-435-7281

8PM - Our Webhost is back up!

Within minutes of publishing 1&1's support phone number, our webhost connection was good again. We have FTP. And we are able to browse our website. Our email connection is still down, however.

If you are the reader who phoned 1&1 for us, thank you soooooooo much!

9PM - Webhost back down again!

In the seven years since I have been with 1&1 as my webhost, I have never had so many problems before! I am sending them requests for help using my Yahoo email. But so far, I have not received any reply.