Thursday, July 09, 2009

Morelia Airport

10AM - Morelia Airport.
Our flight to California next week takes off from the Morelia Airport. We had no idea where this airport was located. However, this morning as MsTioga was driving toward Morelia, we saw the airport on our Guia-Roji Map of Mexico. That map is essential for traveling around Mexico!

We headed toward the airport on a small paved road thru farm country. The airport is actually located in the Town of Alvaro-Obregon, northeast of Morelia. While driving in Alvaro Obregon, MsTioga got lost! We asked directions from a couple of guys and while we were talking, along came a propane truck. So, while we were asking for airport directions, the propane guy filled MsTioga's tank!

One of the guys told us to follow him, and he drove us thru town to the airport. Isn't that the nicest thing?

A secure place for MsTioga.
We had in our mind, that possibly the airport parking lot would be a secure place for MsTioga to stay during the trip to California. This would be very convenient, because the flight takes off at 6:30am. If we stay in the parking lot, there would be no problem checking in about one hour earlier at 5:30am.

We found the airport's manager. A really nice guy named Humberto and explained what we wanted to do. Humberto walked outside and took a look at MsTioga's size and declared, "No problem to park MsTioga in the lot. I have been working here as manager for eight years, and there has never been a problem with vehicles in our lot for all that time."
MsTioga at the Morelia Airport.
The airport is being remodeled behind the red/white barrier.