Sunday, July 26, 2009

News on the radio

News on the radio
Much of my news comes thru my XM Satellite Radio. Very often now, there are several news contributors talking in a group forum. This morning I was listening to such a forum on CNN. I found myself having difficulty understanding and following what was being said.

The people talking compete with each other for time so they speak very, very fast. So fast that often I cannot follow. There is a lot of interruption. People over-talking each other.

I long for news broadcast like it used to be years ago.

Going to dermatologist

Several weeks ago a sore appeared on my nose. The sore scabbed over, but did not seem to heal. A couple of days ago the scab fell off and the sore is now healed.

However, that area of my nose is very suspicious looking. I am concerned. So, I got the name of my friend Jimena's dermatologist. The doctor has an office located in the City of San Juan del Rio, not too far from where I am in Tequisquipan.

MsTioga and The Team will be driving to San Juan del Rio tomorrow so that I can find out what's what.