Friday, July 31, 2009


Several emails came in surprised and wondering how a seemingly square guy like myself ever got to like the music of Kurt Cobain and the rock band Nirvana. In 1996 I talked the owner of a cabinet shop in Martinez, California into giving me a job as an apprentice cabinet maker. Imagine that?

There was a teenage apprentice working there who was very much into Cobain's music and would play Nirvana's songs while we worked. His name was Chris, and he had long hair, a beard, played the guitar and sort of looked like Cobain. After awhile, I got to like Nirvana. I am intrigued by poetic lyrics in music that actually have no meaning, but get me to wondering about what the composer had in mind.

If you have been following MsTioga and myself for awhile, you might be wondering how I got to be an apprentice cabinet maker in 1996 at the age of 59. Well, when my 21 year marriage ended in 1985, I got lost. For 10 years I sort of drifted thru life. When I finally began to get back to reality, I had no job, my restaurant business was gone. I was a mess!

I took a job selling a business advisory service door-to-door. It only took a day for me to figure out that this service was a scam. I was still on that sales job when I walked up to the rear of this cabinet shop. I saw a bunch of guys inside working and it looked to me as though they were having a good time. The shop manager walked up and asked if he could help me? I asked if he would consider giving a man my age a job as an apprentice cabinet maker. He told me that it was possible.

I remained working at that shop for five years. During that time I got myself back onto my financial feet, saving as much of my paycheck as possible. I subscribed to Motorhome Magazine, never dreaming that someday I would actually own and live in an RV.

Destiny! What a remarkable thing is destiny!