Saturday, July 25, 2009

Perspective and expectation!

Perspective and expectation!
Reader Carl wrote wondering how we on the TiogaRV Team seem to be always living the high-life! Do you ever have down days? Don't you ever get depressed?

Man-O-Man! These are great questions. Well, the first thing is our perspective. Our perspective is based on one moment in time in November, 2001. That was when a doctor at Kaiser Hospital in Walnut Creek, California spoke these words. "You have cancer!"

Since that moment, every problem, every challenge, has been less formidable.

The second thing is expectation. We on the TiogaRV Team believe that every problem, every challenge will be resolved. There is no doubt. In addition, we believe that every day will be wonderful. We love everything that we do.

We are excited about shopping for groceries. We are excited about driving down the road and seeing new things. We love eating and drinking. Taking a shower in MsTioga is a wonderful event. Because all of these simple everyday things are compared to that moment in 2001.

2PM - Visiting in Tequisquiapan.
We went over to visit with our friends Pete and Jimena in Tequisquiapan. They live in a wonderful home near the center of town. Pete has written a terrific story of interest to you if you are thinking of living in Mexico [link].

When we visit with Pete and Jimena, we always park next to the new Best Western Hotel and then walk the few blocks to their home. This hotel opened this year and is very modern. If you are thinking about visiting in Tequis, you may want to stay here. But it is not cheap. $1,249 pesos per nite for a double [$97US].
Best Western-Tequisquipan.