Thursday, July 16, 2009

Problems with our webhost!

Problems with our web host!
If you read our blog post yesterday, you know that we reported our web host servers as being down. We had no FTP or email service. Our web host is 1&1 Internet, and they have been very good for us in the past.

Yesterday when we used Yahoo mail to report the problem to 1&1, we received a reply telling that there was no problem. It is somewhat irritating to have a problem and be told that there really is no problem.

By doing Google searches, I found the reason that all this was happening is that the Domain Name System [DNS] was down. DNS translates Domain Names into IP addresses. Does this sound somewhat complicated to you? Well, it is for me too. But by reading about DNS problems in various websites, I was able to figure out the IP addresses [a number] for my email sending and receiving servers. Replacing the addresses with the IP numbers got my email to working again.

This stuff is hard to understand!

I have found this internet stuff hard to understand. And when I figured something out, often the next time I had the same problem I could not remember what I had learned.

Is it just me, or is it the same for you?

11AM - Camped near the airport.
We have made a Day Camp in the Pueblo Álvaro Obregón. This Camp is about 2KM from the airport. During the day I'll pack my suitcase triple checking that nothing is left behind.

Our plan for MsTioga, is to have her stay in the airport parking lot during our trip to California [link]. As you may recall, Humberto the airport manager assured us that MsTioga will be safe in this lot. Humberto told that he has been working here for eight years, and there have been no problems with vandalism or break ins for all that time.
Tioga and George in Álvaro Obregón.

The Weng/Mail Order Bride Story!
Have you been following the Weng/Mail Order Bride story? Well, the current blog post story is just sooooooo romantic. You should tune in [link].

This post/story tells about Weng and Francisco meeting face-to-face for the very first time!

3PM - Pretty much packed.
Nearly everything that is going on this trip to California is in the little luggage bag. We are pretty much packed!
The stuff for our trip.

6PM - MsTioga at the airport.
In the pic below, you may see MsTioga tucked in tight at the Morelia Airport. Here she will remain until her Team Mates return from their trip to California.

MsTioga should be very safe here. The parking lot never closes. And police headquarters is next to the lot!
MsTioga at the airport.
Temperature: 78°F - Elevation: 6,010 feet

Police headquarters next to the parking lot.