Monday, July 13, 2009

Satellite down!

Satellite down!
Yesterday, shortly after making our Camp in the Pueblo of Chiquimitío, Mr. Datastorm's connection to the SatMex5 satellite went down.

We figured that the problem was equipment related or that we had moved outside of this satellite's footprint. When we move out from the footprint, the signal gets weaker, and that has been happening recently. MsTioga was thinking about continuing our travels along this road. This would have meant moving even further out of the footprint.

We were unable to go online until around midnite. Then we learned on the Datastorm Users Forum [link] that other SatMex5 users had the same problem. We are so happy to find out that the connection problem was not due to our equipment!

9AM - Heading north.
MsTioga's water tank is less than 1/4 full. This tank holds the water for washing, shower and the toilet. Our map shows a big highway to the north where we might find a Pemex gas station to fill this tank.

However, here in Mexico the small roads often do not have an entrance to the highways. That's what happened today. So we are scrambling to find a source of water. We arrived at a place where a family was filling plastic bottles with water from a well and we filled MsTioga's tank here.

As we traveled, Little Mavicito captured some pics of mules being used for work.
The water well.

Mules hauling fire wood to market.

Plowing the field using mule-power.

1PM - Camped in Chucándiro.

We have yet to come to the entrance to the highway. However, here in the Pueblo of Chucándiro, a kind man showed me on our map where the entrance is located.

We have decided to make a Nite Camp here in Chucándiro and head for the highway entrance tomorrow.
MsTioga's Camp in Chucándiro.
Temperature at 7pm: 71°F - Elevation: 6,046 feet