Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sleeping in

10AM - Sleeping in!
You may know that I love to watch movies! The only time for me to download movies is 2am to 7am eastern time. That's when allows subscribers unlimited downloads.

During the early morning hours today while downloading a movie, I happened to look at email to be answered. Whoops! The next thing I knew it was two hours later. So, I did not get out of bed this morning until after 10am! Very unusual for me because I am usually an early riser.

2PM - City of Zinapécuaro.
We have pulled out of our Acámbaro Camp and continued to Zinapécuaro. The center of the City of Zinapécuaro looked very interesting. However, El Centro was pretty congested. Small streets and we could not see a place for MsTioga to park. So, we continued to the south end of the city and found a place for our Camp.

Little Mavicita and I are planning to walk back to El Centro. Maybe we will catch a passing bus to go to El Centro!
Plaza en el centro del Ciudad Zinapécuaro.

New hat!
I met a hat seller in the plaza of Zinapécuaro. My regular hat is getting a bit worn, and has broken parts. I bought this new hat for 50 pesos [$3.90US]. A very good price!
The new hat.