Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Something's happening!

10:30AM - Something's happening!
Something is always happening. Something is always interesting to write about. Something is always worthy of sharing with you!

Many years ago in the 1940s, my Uncle Seymour lived across the street from my home in the area of Los Angeles, California called City Terrace. Seymour sometimes walked around with his eyes closed. He told me that he wanted to know what it was like to be blind. I use that same idea now to bring perspective to my mind. I picture myself in a jail, then picture myself where I actually am right now.

Amazing how such imagination brings me to love where I am right now! You won't ever read here that nothing is happening. Because something great is always happening!
MsTioga and The Team in El Variquel.
Close to the City of Acámbaro.

3PM - How big should my RV be?

Have you read our "TiogaRV Team Mission?" It's near the bottom of every one of our blog posts. We want you to try our camping life style. So, it is not surprising that Readers write asking questions about RVs.

An email was received asking:
"I have a fifth-wheel trailer but am thinking about buying a class C motor home. In your opinion what size would best fit my needs. I am alone and travel by myself. I am thinking about living in Mexico."

Here is my reply:
When I was preparing to buy MsTioga back in 2003, I had the same question as you do now. How long should my RV be? I have thought about this question many times since then. Trying to figure out how I would feel about a shorter RV. I've never changed my mind about my 27 foot [bumper to bumper] length.

Although I could live in a much shorter RV, I choose not to go shorter. Since I am fulltiming, I consider the comfort of space as much as the practical end of living in a shorter RV.

Have you considered buying a new motorhome? The Lazy Daze is a superior motor home. If you are able, it would be a great experience for you to visit the Lazy Daze factory for a tour.

Here is a [link] to a MsTioga Magazine story about Lazy Daze Motorhomes.

5PM - Nite Camped in south Acámbaro.

MsTioga moved thru the City of Acámbaro, but stopped to do a little grocery shopping. We cruised one neighborhood looking for our Nite Camp, and decided to continue going south a bit.

We found our Camp on a dirt road with a spectacular view looking northeast.
View looking back at City of Acámbaro.
Temperature at 6pm: 74°F - Elevation: 6,238 feet

8PM - MsTioga pic!
Little Mavicita was out this evening and took the pic below of MsTioga.
MsTioga after sunset in Acámbaro.