Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Supreme court hearings in Spanish

Supreme court hearings in Spanish
CNN Español is carrying the Sotomayor hearings this morning in both English and Spanish. The actual voices of the senators and judge Sotomayor are in the background with the translation to Spanish in the foreground.

This is a great way for me to learn more Spanish!

3PM - Morelia for a laundry.
We have returned to the same neighborhood in Morelia where we Camped before. There are two laundries here. We need clean laundry in order to pack for the airplane trip to California this Friday.

It is siesta time now, so these laundries are closed. But we expect them to open at 4pm.

4:30PM - Narcotics traffic in Morelia?
Reader VegasBob posted in ShoutBox asking if we knew about the narcotics traffic news here in the City of Morelia. I had not heard about this news.

When I took my laundry to be washed, I asked the lady in the store about it. She told me that "narco traffico" is not a problem here in our neighborhood. It only affects persons involved in narcotics traffic.