Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tiny Ants!

Tiny Ants!
Perhaps three months ago, tiny ants were noticed inside MsTioga. These ants are only about 1/16" long and they walk very, very slow. These tiny ants have spread all over the inside of MsTioga. This morning I made pancakes, and found these tiny ants in a plastic bottle of honey! Somehow these ants are small enough to enter thru the plastic flip top!

Do you remember when we fought a battle with roaches? We won that battle by closing off all sources of water and food. But these tiny ants are different. More formidable of their size. These tiny ants are able to go into tiny places to get what they need to survive.

MsTioga suggested that she should be fumigated. "If I have tiny ants, I might also have termites!", said MsTioga.

6PM - Pasta and a movie for supper!
I'm just about to sit down for a wonderful supper. The movie, "Something's Gotta Give" is already playing. I'm crazy for love stories that work out! Where the guy and the girl live happily ever after.

This movie is about a 63 year old playboy [Jack Nicholson] who has only dated younger women all his life. Then he meets the mother of one of his dates [Diane Keaton] and falls in love for the very first time!
Pasta and a movie.