Sunday, July 12, 2009

Wandering in Morelia

1PM - Wandering in Morelia.
For much of the morning MsTioga and The Team have been exploring Morelia by wandering around. As you may know, we love to wander! MsTioga parked in an empty soccer field in the north end of Morelia thinking to make a Camp there. However, right after Mr. Datastorm went up, a bunch of soccer players began to practice for Sunday's game. So, we took off.

We could see hills in the distance. We headed for those hills. The road climbed up into a forest where we could look down into the City of Morelia. After awhile we came to the little town of Chiquimitío where there was a nice park. We have made a Camp next to this park.
MsTioga in Chiquimitío.