Monday, August 31, 2009

Camping liberty in Mexico

Camping liberty in Mexico
Do you wonder how MsTioga and The Team are able to make a Nite Camp anywhere we go in Mexico? The answer is that there are no laws in Mexico against sleeping in a vehicle.

Another thing that might be of interest to you, is that there are hardly any police in Mexico. We on the TiogaRV Team see very few police cars as we drive along the highways and streets of Mexico.

9AM - Camped in City of Tepatitlan.
MsTioga and The Team have made a Day Camp in Tepatitlan. Our Camp is located on a stone paved road. Our view looks down at the center of the city.
Our view of El Centro de Tepatilan.

Weng to America!
Several months ago back in Aticama, Weng and I talked about her blogging her incredible story of falling in love and coming to America. I suspected that Weng's story would be compelling. However, I had no idea how fantastic it would be to actually read Weng's story!

Today, Weng tells "My Journey to my new Home!" Get ready for tears to fall !! [link]

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Adios familia González!

10AM - Adios familia González!
This morning MsTioga and The Team say good bye to our friends, the González family. I have been treated like a member of the family during my stay here. Eating with the family. Sharing stories. Going on errands. What a great time for me!
Saying goodbye!

12 Noon- San Juan de Los Lagos.
We have arrived in the City of San Juan de Los Lagos. We plan to stay the nite here. Tomorrow we will continue our journey back to the Pacific Coast and the Pueblo of Aticama.

6PM - Camped in Jalostotitlán.
Instead of making our Nite Camp in the City of San Juan de Los Lagos, we continued going and are staying the nite in Jalostotitlán. As you may see in the pic below, stormy clouds cover the evening sky.
MsTioga on a quiet road in Jalostotitlán.
Temperature at 6pm: 68°F - Elevation: 5,733 feet

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Satellite problems are not too bad!

Satellite problems are not too bad!
Mr. Datastorm, Ms. Vaio and I were up past 2am this morning trying to re-register our modem, and were unable to do it. We don't know why, exactly.

Anyway, after trying and trying, we have decided to live with the present condition. What happens is, sometimes but NOT all the time, the modem just does not connect properly to the Hughes satellite. Then we have to wait for several minutes for everything to begin working correctly again.

We are going to live with this present condition. It is not that bad.

Breakfast with the González family.
This morning I was invited for breakfast, and declined because I was messing with the satellite connection. However, youngest son Sebastián came a little later and knocked on MsTioga's door and invited me again. I again declined. Then, Edith [wife and mother] came and knocked on MsTioga's door. Of course I said, "Yes." How could I refuse these wonderful invitations?

But I told Edith that I would have to change from my pajamas. Edith told me to come as I am. The kids are wearing pajamas, she told me! So, I went to breakfast in my pajamas. And what a wonderful breakfast it was.

Pancakes, eggs, tacos with special salsa. And fruit: Mangos, peaches, kiwi. Wow! Isn't this the greatest thing? I am soooooooooo lucky!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Four-Wheeling in León!

Four-Wheeling in León!
Yesterday evening, Machicho and I made plans to go four-wheeling in the nearby fields. Mauricio and Edith González have two 4-wheel ATVs.

So, this morning after breakfast, we headed out on these ATVs to mess around. I have to admit that I am quite tentative on these things. Machicho who is 17 years old, drove quite aggressively at times.
Machicho & Jorge Quad biking!

Satellite problems.

Our Mr. Datastorm has been having satellite connectivity problems. We tried to make a blog post several times today, and were unable to connect to the internet properly. This problem has been going on for weeks. But getting increasingly worse.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

My library

My library
Inside MsTioga I have a small library. I'd just finished reading my Uncle Seymour's book, "Ramblings" and wanted to be reading another. I picked, "It's Not About the Bike", by Lance Armstrong.

The Armstrong book had influenced me sooooooo much during my fight with non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. Inscribed on the book's first page reads:
"To George from Betty Phillips Oct, 2002."

My cancer support group friend, Elizabeth [Betty] Phillips, died on 12/28/2002 at 1pm. I know that date because I wrote it in my cancer support group notes. It was that important to me back in those days.

Lance wrote in his book, "How do you slip back into the ordinary world?" He was writing about his life after cancer. I had made some serious promises to myself during my cancer fight. Life changing promises. I promised myself to live every moment of my life from that time on rushing at life. No longer would I sit back and let my life pass me by.

Lance wrote, "'s a nice sentiment, but in practice it doesn't work...." Actually, this promise has worked for me. I may not spend every moment of my day now, "rushing at life". However, I am living my present life by that promise that I made to myself back in 2002 while still battling cancer.

My friend Betty Phillips who gave me the Armstrong book is gone. However, I shall never forget her or the wonderful book that she gave to me shortly before she passed.
One shelf of my library.

Going to the dentist!
Did you know that my friends, Mauricio & Edith González are dentists? Yes! They are husband and wife and both are dentists. Their dental practice is in the same office in the City of León.

Yesterday we drove to the dental office, where their son Sebastian was having two baby teeth extracted. I happened to mention that I had not been to a dentist in over five years. And Edith told me that she wanted to do my teeth cleaning! Wow!
Edith, Jorge and Dulce.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Generator box dropped!

Generator box dropped!
Yesterday evening it was noticed that Little Honda's generator box was not level. One end of the box was hanging down about an inch. On inspection it was found that the sheet metal screws that secure the box to MsTioga had let go!

This morning, the box was raised using our hydraulic jack. Then the holes for the sheet metal screws were drilled out to accept 1/4 inch bolts. The new bolts are secured with lock nuts!

MsTioga has onboard tools and supplies to make repairs like this.
Jorge repairs generator box.

Leaving Guanajuato.
This morning MsTioga and The Team are heading out of the City of Guanajuato. We all agree that this visit to Guanjuato was a fabulously good time!

MsTioga should reach the City of León today where our plan is to visit with our friends, Mauricio & Edith González and their family!

12 Noon - Chilis for hamburger!
MsTioga and The Team arrived in the City of León and made a bee-line for Chilis Restaurant. I have not had a good hamburger since last May! I ordered a bacon cheeseburger. Wow! Was it good!!

1:30PM - González home.
MsTioga is now Camped in front of the González family home. There are six in the family. Mauricio and Edith [Dad & Mom]. Machicho [17M], Monse [15F], Valeria [14F] and Sebastian [9M]. M=masculine F=feminine

Edith invited me to drive with her doing errands. Taking her kids to after-school activities and then shopping. I had a good time talking with Edith, who does not speak much English, but understands a lot of what is said in English.

We went shopping for some camels, and Edith bought two of them. I am not kidding!
Edith, Valeria & Sebastian in the furniture store.

Valeria kisses the camel.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Police in Mexico

Police in Mexico
Last nite while watching a movie, there was a lite knock on MsTioga's door. It was a uniformed Guanajuato policeman. When police come to MsTioga here in Mexico, it has been my experience that they never are trying to move me out. Their goal is to find out about me. What my plans are. Stuff like that.

I have copies of my US passport, California drivers license and Mexico tourist visa, and I presented these copies to the policeman for identification. We talked for awhile. He was interested in how much MsTioga cost. During the conversation I mentioned that I may remain at this Camp for 2-3 days. He told me that this is no problem.

Isn't that the greatest thing?

8AM - Plans for today.
I've just finished doing my morning exercise. After publishing this blog post, I'm going on a morning walk. Later, Little Mavicita and I are thinking about catching one of the buses that travel on Guanajuato's Panoramic Highway and see where it goes.

We like to explore Guanajuato by wandering around on the buses!

Little Mavicita made a movie!
The bus we caught took us down someplace, near the center of Guanajuato. Little Mavicita and I did not know where we were, so we got off the bus and walked around. When we came to El Centro & the Main Plaza, Little Mavicita said that she wanted to make a movie. So, she did!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Computer backup

Computer backup
Ms. Vaio, the TiogaRV Team's hardworking laptop, uses Memeo Backup to protect against computer and hard drive failure. A couple of days ago, a computer glitch messed up our Memeo configuration. Memeo would not boot up! So, we had to download Memeo once again. This meant re-configuring what needed to be backed up.

However, Ms. Vaio and I were not satisfied that we understood everything that was necessary to be backed up, in the case of a major computer failure. So, today we are going to review our entire computer backup plan.

7AM - Moving to new Guanajuato Camp!
MsTioga and The Team are moving from our Camp next to the Olla Dam. Our new Camp will be high up on the Panoramic Highway. From our new Camp, Mr. Sunny will receive maximum Sun for re-charging his solar battery bank. Also, we want to vacate our Olla Dam Camp to allow Guanajuato residents who need this place to park for work.

8:30AM - Dry Camped on dirt road.

When we made our Camp along the Panoramic Highway, we found a lot of traffic going by. Just below us is a rarely used dirt road, quite a bit below the Panoramic Highway. MsTioga drove down there, made a very tight "Y" turn, and has made a lovely Camp here.

It is comparatively very quiet at this dirt road Camp, because the traffic is now above us. What a neat Camp! Right here in Guanajuato!
Camped below Panoramic Highway.
Temperature at 12 noon: 75°F - Elevation: 6,687 feet

A miracle Guanajuato Camp!
You may be wondering why our Camp in Guanajuato is sooooooo great! We are only about 1/2 mile from the main plaza in Guanajuato! A little walk to El Pipila monument, and we may take the funicular railway down to the plaza. Or, we may catch one of the buses which run on the road above our Camp.

Because we are inside the City of Guanajuato, our Camp is a "dry camp." However, it is as close to a boondock camp as it can possibly be!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Third day in Guanajuato!

Third day in Guanajuato!
Our Camp is on a road that goes up the canyon from the center of Guanajuato. The road then circles the Olla Dam and returns back down the canyon. On weekends, several small outdoor restaurants are open adjacent to the Olla Dam. Mexican tourists fill these restaurants.

This is our third day staying in this same Camp in Guanajuato. We on the TiogaRV Team believe that we shall stay at this Camp next to the Olla Dam for a few more days. We want to do more exploring and walking of the alleys and streets of Guanajuato's downtown center.

Yesterday we took the bus down the canyon, and we will use the bus again today.

11AM - Bus ride to El Centro.
When I caught the bus, the driver moved around to the park near our Camp and stayed there for about fifteen minutes. Another bus driver boarded. Not moving gave the three of us a chance to talk.

We got to talking about prices, and one of the drivers told that he was working a 15 hour shift. That shift would earn him 300 pesos. He was proud of the 300 pesos, and I could tell that this was a lot of money for him. I asked what an apartment with one bedroom cost here in Guanajuato. It is $1000 pesos per month [$80US].

El Centro de Guanjuato.
The center of Guanajuato is filled with roads that run beneath the city. Tunnels and roads are constructed below, and out of sight. I believe that many of these "below roads" are what is left over from the silver mining days.

I walked all over El Centro. This is Sunday, and many tourists from other parts of Mexico were also walking walking around. I could tell by the voices, that some tourists were from other countries of the World.

I walked by several restaurants with outdoor seating. Then found a particularly tranquil plaza with a large brick center area surrounded by little shops and and eating places. Choosing one restaurant with a very large shade tree, I ordered flautas, rolled tortillas filled with chicken. The flautas arrived at my table topped with crumbled white cheese. Very, very good with a large fresh orange juice to drink.
Jorge in Guanajuato.