Monday, August 10, 2009

Cancer surgery today!

Cancer surgery today!
Late this afternoon, I have an appointment for surgery with Doctor Robles at his office in San Juan del Rio. You may remember that I posted to you about Dr. Robles a couple of weeks ago.

I have two basal cell carcinomas on my nose. I discovered these cancers within the last several weeks. Dr. Robles comes highly recommended by my friends, Pete and Jimena of Tequisquiapan. Pete and Jimena have friends who also think highly of Dr. Robles.

What I write in my blog.
Lately I've received some email from readers concerned that I am not writing about new adventures. My blog seems subdued. This may be true. However, I assure you that I write about stuff that I am actually doing.

I live in today. So, I write about today. However, sometimes tomorrow pops up in my thinking. What would happen to me if I became very sick way down here in the middle of Mexico? Far away from my family? This is not an idle thought. Although I feel fine today, there are changes in my physical self. Not changes that I wish to disclose here at this time. But changes that are signs that I should take care.

So, I am a bit subdued lately. With thinking and wondering how to approach this new phase, this new adventure of my life.

Surgery postponed!
My surgery has been postponed for one day. I got a bit nervous on the operating table and suggested to Dr. Robles that all of this might go better if I had a sedative before the procedure. Dr. Robles agreed.

So, I will return tomorrow evening, properly sedated. Hopefully all will go well!