Monday, August 24, 2009

Computer backup

Computer backup
Ms. Vaio, the TiogaRV Team's hardworking laptop, uses Memeo Backup to protect against computer and hard drive failure. A couple of days ago, a computer glitch messed up our Memeo configuration. Memeo would not boot up! So, we had to download Memeo once again. This meant re-configuring what needed to be backed up.

However, Ms. Vaio and I were not satisfied that we understood everything that was necessary to be backed up, in the case of a major computer failure. So, today we are going to review our entire computer backup plan.

7AM - Moving to new Guanajuato Camp!
MsTioga and The Team are moving from our Camp next to the Olla Dam. Our new Camp will be high up on the Panoramic Highway. From our new Camp, Mr. Sunny will receive maximum Sun for re-charging his solar battery bank. Also, we want to vacate our Olla Dam Camp to allow Guanajuato residents who need this place to park for work.

8:30AM - Dry Camped on dirt road.

When we made our Camp along the Panoramic Highway, we found a lot of traffic going by. Just below us is a rarely used dirt road, quite a bit below the Panoramic Highway. MsTioga drove down there, made a very tight "Y" turn, and has made a lovely Camp here.

It is comparatively very quiet at this dirt road Camp, because the traffic is now above us. What a neat Camp! Right here in Guanajuato!
Camped below Panoramic Highway.
Temperature at 12 noon: 75°F - Elevation: 6,687 feet

A miracle Guanajuato Camp!
You may be wondering why our Camp in Guanajuato is sooooooo great! We are only about 1/2 mile from the main plaza in Guanajuato! A little walk to El Pipila monument, and we may take the funicular railway down to the plaza. Or, we may catch one of the buses which run on the road above our Camp.

Because we are inside the City of Guanajuato, our Camp is a "dry camp." However, it is as close to a boondock camp as it can possibly be!