Saturday, August 22, 2009

Fabulous Guanajuato!

Fabulous Guanajuato!
Mike & Terri Church's famous, "Traveler's Guide to Mexican Camping" states, "Of all the colonial cities in Mexico, Guanajuato is probably the most interesting and fun to visit."

We on the TiogaRV Team agree! And what we find fantastic about Guanajuato, is that MsTioga is Camped right down in the center of the town! We are next to La Presa de Olla [Olla Dam]. Our location is close to everything. We can walk all over The Town of Guanajuato from here, or take a bus which passes by our Camp.

There is a second place where we like to Camp in Guanajuato. That Camp is up on the Panoramic Highway near the statue of the famous "El PĂ­pila", the hero of Guanajuato.

Of course we are camping for free!

10AM - Casa Valadez for breakfast!
There are several street/open air restaurants near our Camp. However, this is Guanajuato and we want to breakfast at the main plaza. Casa Valadez! A fancy schmantzy table service restaurant.

Little Mavicita and I jumped on a bus bound for the main plaza, 40 cents US for fare. At Casa Valadez, we sat at the same table where we ate the last time that we were here. We love this table because it looks out at the plaza thru one window and the Juarez Theater thru the other window.

I ordered an omelette with mushrooms, cheese, onions. Orange juice and coffee. [$9.24US with the tip].
Casa Valadez.

Plaza view.

Juarez theater view.

Two Omelettes fresh OJ and coffee!

Plaza & Casa Valadez.
From steps of Teatro Juarez.

2PM - Bus ride around Guanajuato.
After breakfast, Little Mavicita and I, sat in the main plaza soaking in the ambiance of this special place! Then we walked around until we happened on a bus going away from our Camp at the Olla Dam. We wanted to use the bus to tour Guanajuato.

MsTioga believes that she is able to drive on these very narrow streets. Wow! MsTioga is sooooooo brave!