Saturday, August 08, 2009

Gulf of Mexico

Gulf of Mexico
Have you taken a peek at our Google Earth Link? MsTioga and The Team are soooooooo close to the Gulf of Mexico! We are only 250 miles from the City of Tampico. That's where Humphrey Bogart started his adventure in the movie, "Treasure of the Sierra Madre."

We will not be traveling to Tampico. But we were wondering if we could see the Gulf of Mexico from the Continental Divide which passes thru these parts.
View of the huge rock on leaving Bernal.

RVing by wandering around.
Living in an RV is a wonderful thing. Because everywhere we are is home! We took a small highway out of Bernal, and after about 20 miles stopped to take a nap. Then for another hour, read one of our library books. We have a small library inside MsTioga.

We wandered south to Ezequiel Montes, and then back down south to Tequisquiapan. Wandering around is wonderful.