Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It may be too hot in September.

It may be too hot in September
Yesterday we posted about wanting to stay in T-shirt and short pants weather all year long. Our plan now is to head toward our winter camp in the Pueblo of Aticama. Several emails came in from readers suggesting that it may be too hot in Aticama on the Pacific Coast of Mexico in September.

However, we must return to the Pacific Coast now because of our plan to fly to California. Our September 16th airplane ticket is from Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to Oakland, California. We will fly back to Mexico a couple weeks later. If it is uncomfortably hot, we will drive to where it is cooler.

The plans of the TiogaRV Team are not fixed in concrete. MsTioga has wheels, and those wheels are the greatest feature of RVing life!

2PM - Pollo Feliz!
We left the City of Querétero and headed north. As MsTioga approached the City of San Miguel de Allende, we saw roadside ads for Pollo Feliz, the popular fast food chicken restaurant. The chicken sold here is BBQ chicken and is sooooooo good.

I bought 1/2 chicken which comes with corn chips, salsa, tortillas and fried green chiles for $45 pesos [$3.50US].
Pollo Feliz = Happy Chicken.

Remember Blue Boid?

Do you remember Blue Boid who flew away? After buying the Pollo Feliz, we drove to a nearby modern shopping center to make an Afternoon Camp and eat the chicken. That's when we remembered that this was the place where Little Blue Boid flew away from MsTioga!

9PM - The Shawshank Redemption.
Have you seen the movie, "The Shawshank Redemption?" This is a wonderful movie which ends on the gorgeous beach of Zihuatanejo in Mexico. I watched "Shawshank" tonite and it brought back memories. MsTioga and The Team traveled especially to visit Zihuatanejo because of "The Shawshank Redemption."

It's a beautiful place! [link]