Friday, August 14, 2009

Living off the grid!

Living off the grid!
Did you know that MsTioga and The Team live completely off-the-grid? MsTioga has not had an electric hook-up in soooooooo long, that we cannot remember our last hook-up.

When I first met MsTioga in February, 2003, we both knew that we had to live off-the-grid. Our income was not large enough to pay rent at RV Campgrounds, so we could not hook-up. One of our first things we did was to install Mr. Sunny, our hard working solar electric system. [link]

Since we began our adventure in June, 2003, we have lived off-the-grid without hardly any electric hook-ups. Over six years off-the-grid! That's pretty neat!

Readers have been wondering in ShoutBox about my wearing an AutoDesk sweatshirt. AutoDesk is the world's largest software design company and best known for AutoCAD, its Computer Aided Design software.

In late 1988 I sold my last restaurant, Evie's Hamburgers in Walnut Creek, CA. My friend Irene was a manager at BART [Bay Area Rapid Transit] in the engineering department. During a visit to BART in early 1989, I spotted a computer station with AutoCAD on the monitor. This blew me away. I was hooked!

Immediately I enrolled in an AutoCAD training class. I was soon teaching and helping other students with AutoCAD. A local software sales company phoned my class instructor asking for a recommendation for a student who might be an AutoCAD sales person. My instructor selected me!

I sold AutoCAD from 1989 to 1991. After a sale, I would install AutoCAD and support the product by showing buyers how to use it. During those years, AutoCAD #9 & #10 were the versions used.


This morning I had an appointment with Dr. Robles to examen my nose and replace my dressing. Everything looks very good. I feel great today! Dr. Robles told me that the results from the pathologist should be received next Tuesday.

As you may see in the pic below, the side of my face with the bandage is a LOT bigger than the other side! The reason for this is the quantity of water introduced with the anesthetic. This water has to dissipate. In the meantime, don't you think that I sort of look like Popeye the sailor man? Hmmmm?
Popeye the sailor man!

12 Noon - El Mandaryn Chinese Restaurant.
You know that I am feeling good when my appetite returns! Today MsTioga and The Team drove to the City of Amealco for lunch. This is a 20 mile drive from the City of San Juan del Rio just to eat at El Mandaryn! We believe it is the best Chinese food that we found in Mexico!

The restaurant is owned by Efrain who was born nearby this town. For 10 years, Efrain worked in the City of Cedar Rapids, Iowa in a Chinese restaurant. Then he came back here to Amealco and founded his own Chinese restaurant. And the food is good!
El Mandaryn.

Efrain at his stove.

Broccoli chicken.