Tuesday, August 04, 2009

MsTioga in the early morning

MsTioga in the early morning
Often I get up early in the morning and answer email. I love to receive email. Lately my replies have gotten behind, so I've been spending time catching up.

  • Reader Ron wrote asking "Why I did not have a pet?" Got me to thinking about my life with Little Boid who traveled with me from February, 2008 to April, 2009. What a good friend was Boid! Do you remember the video Boid and I made in November, 2008? [link]
  • A bunch of emails came in from readers writing about their experiences with skin cancer and offering suggestions for avoiding problems while out under the Sun. I am now always wearing a hat when outside. I have two wide brimmed straw hats.
  • Reader Pat wondered, if I will ever get a newer RV. The answer, "No!" MsTioga is running great. Her fiberglass job and paint job in 2007 have made MsTioga look like new. [link].

Invited to a party!

During this morning's walk to El Centro of the pueblo, I met a guy named Jimmy who invited me to a party. The party is for his Uncle George who is returning to the USA. It is a going-away party.

Of course I am going! Parties are sooooooo much fun!
Jorge & MsTioga in Tecozautla.
Temperature at 7pm: 70°F - Elevation: 5,623 feet