Thursday, August 27, 2009

My library

My library
Inside MsTioga I have a small library. I'd just finished reading my Uncle Seymour's book, "Ramblings" and wanted to be reading another. I picked, "It's Not About the Bike", by Lance Armstrong.

The Armstrong book had influenced me sooooooo much during my fight with non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. Inscribed on the book's first page reads:
"To George from Betty Phillips Oct, 2002."

My cancer support group friend, Elizabeth [Betty] Phillips, died on 12/28/2002 at 1pm. I know that date because I wrote it in my cancer support group notes. It was that important to me back in those days.

Lance wrote in his book, "How do you slip back into the ordinary world?" He was writing about his life after cancer. I had made some serious promises to myself during my cancer fight. Life changing promises. I promised myself to live every moment of my life from that time on rushing at life. No longer would I sit back and let my life pass me by.

Lance wrote, "'s a nice sentiment, but in practice it doesn't work...." Actually, this promise has worked for me. I may not spend every moment of my day now, "rushing at life". However, I am living my present life by that promise that I made to myself back in 2002 while still battling cancer.

My friend Betty Phillips who gave me the Armstrong book is gone. However, I shall never forget her or the wonderful book that she gave to me shortly before she passed.
One shelf of my library.

Going to the dentist!
Did you know that my friends, Mauricio & Edith González are dentists? Yes! They are husband and wife and both are dentists. Their dental practice is in the same office in the City of León.

Yesterday we drove to the dental office, where their son Sebastian was having two baby teeth extracted. I happened to mention that I had not been to a dentist in over five years. And Edith told me that she wanted to do my teeth cleaning! Wow!
Edith, Jorge and Dulce.