Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Police in Mexico

Police in Mexico
Last nite while watching a movie, there was a lite knock on MsTioga's door. It was a uniformed Guanajuato policeman. When police come to MsTioga here in Mexico, it has been my experience that they never are trying to move me out. Their goal is to find out about me. What my plans are. Stuff like that.

I have copies of my US passport, California drivers license and Mexico tourist visa, and I presented these copies to the policeman for identification. We talked for awhile. He was interested in how much MsTioga cost. During the conversation I mentioned that I may remain at this Camp for 2-3 days. He told me that this is no problem.

Isn't that the greatest thing?

8AM - Plans for today.
I've just finished doing my morning exercise. After publishing this blog post, I'm going on a morning walk. Later, Little Mavicita and I are thinking about catching one of the buses that travel on Guanajuato's Panoramic Highway and see where it goes.

We like to explore Guanajuato by wandering around on the buses!

Little Mavicita made a movie!
The bus we caught took us down someplace, near the center of Guanajuato. Little Mavicita and I did not know where we were, so we got off the bus and walked around. When we came to El Centro & the Main Plaza, Little Mavicita said that she wanted to make a movie. So, she did!