Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Quest for T-shirt and short pants weather!

Quest for T-shirt and short pants weather!
If you have been following MsTioga's Adventures for awhile, you may know that the main thing motivating us is our quest for T-shirt and short pants weather.

It's true! And here in Mexico, this quest is so easy to achieve! In the winter time, we Camp near the Pacific Coast. In the summer time, we Camp in the Sierras, the mountains of Mexico. The distance between our Coast Camp in the Pueblo of Aticama and our Summer Camp in the area around Tequisquiapan, is only about 400 miles! We can cover that distance in less than three weeks!

This morning our Summer Camp comes to an end. We are now heading for our Winter Camp in the Pueblo of Aticama in the State of Nayarít.

12 Noon - Querétero.
When MsTioga reached the giant City of Querétero, she wended her way thru the maze of streets looking for a place to make a Camp. It is not easy to make Camp in a place like Querétero. Most parking places are filled or not large enough for MsTioga's 9 meter length.

The first thing to do in this Camp is to take a nice long nap!
TiogaRV Team in the City of Querétero.
Temperature at 8pm: 70°F - Elevation: 5,985 feet