Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Although my face looks a bit strange, I feel good. I'm in my recovery period. The swelling around my eye should go down in a few days.

This morning I returned to Dr. Robles office to have the bandage and dressing changed. Dr. Robles gave me a mirror to view my nose. I was very surprised to see stitches. I had thought that there would be big holes. Isn't that funny?
Jorge in recovery mode.

10AM - Tequisquiapan.
MsTioga and The Team want to return to Tequisquiapan to visit with our friends, Pete and Jimena Schuster. You may recall that Pete and Jimena are the friends who recommended Dr. Robles to be my dermatologist.

Tomorrow I will return to San Juan del Rio for a checkup at Dr. Robles office.