Saturday, August 29, 2009

Satellite problems are not too bad!

Satellite problems are not too bad!
Mr. Datastorm, Ms. Vaio and I were up past 2am this morning trying to re-register our modem, and were unable to do it. We don't know why, exactly.

Anyway, after trying and trying, we have decided to live with the present condition. What happens is, sometimes but NOT all the time, the modem just does not connect properly to the Hughes satellite. Then we have to wait for several minutes for everything to begin working correctly again.

We are going to live with this present condition. It is not that bad.

Breakfast with the González family.
This morning I was invited for breakfast, and declined because I was messing with the satellite connection. However, youngest son Sebastián came a little later and knocked on MsTioga's door and invited me again. I again declined. Then, Edith [wife and mother] came and knocked on MsTioga's door. Of course I said, "Yes." How could I refuse these wonderful invitations?

But I told Edith that I would have to change from my pajamas. Edith told me to come as I am. The kids are wearing pajamas, she told me! So, I went to breakfast in my pajamas. And what a wonderful breakfast it was.

Pancakes, eggs, tacos with special salsa. And fruit: Mangos, peaches, kiwi. Wow! Isn't this the greatest thing? I am soooooooooo lucky!