Friday, August 21, 2009

Sunscreen and skin cancer!

Sunscreen and skin cancer!
Both my Aunt Shirley and Reader Terry have sent advice about using sunscreen. Of course they are both correct! I should use sunscreen. In fact, I am going to buy sunscreen this morning and begin to use it religiously.

However, I cannot escape the fact that I don't like to protect myself from the Sun. I don't like to think about disease, cancer, sickness and getting old and what all these things mean to my future.

I just like to have a good time and not worry about stuff!

MsTioga is now Camped in the exceptional City of Guanajuato! This city is a challenge for an RV. Even with our GPS and Guia-Roji paper map which details the roads, it is very easy to get lost here in Guanajuato. Also, the streets wind around and sometimes become extremely narrow.

Because we have been here before, we did not get lost and wound along the Panoramic Highway to reach our destination next to La Presa de Olla [Olla Dam].

Little Mavicita wanted to show you a pic with the lake and MsTioga in same shot. A difficult chore, but she managed to do it in the pic below.
MsTioga Camped next to La Presa de Olla in Guanajuato.