Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Surgery-Day #2

Surgery-Day #2
Yesterday I told you about my surgery being postponed. I have had terrible surgery jitters before. In 2001 when my non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer was discovered by biopsy, I was on the surgery table to take the biopsy sample when they began to "strap me down." Being held down drives me absolutely crazy!

There was a doctor behind me and I asked him if he is the anesthetist. "Yes", he answered. I demanded, "Well put me under right now or get me off this table and out of here!" In 20 seconds I was unconscious.

Lord! That was a terrible moment for me!

Dormicum 7.5
Dr. Robles prescribed Dormicum 7.5 for me. This is a sedative used to calm people exactly like me who have surgery jitters. I am sooooooo happy that Dr. Robles is as sensitive as he is and postponed my surgery.

Dr. Robles went out yesterday evening, bought the Dormicum 7.5 and delivered the capsule to me where MsTioga is Camped. Isn't that the greatest thing?

2:30PM - Washing clothes and eating.
I've just returned from a trip to wash clothes and eat a nice meal. A taxi took me to the lavanderia [laundry] because there was no place for MsTioga to park near the lavanderia. Then the taxi took me to El Centro of San Juan del Rio.

I found a nice restaurant. I wish that Little Mavicita would have been with me to show you this place. My table is outdoors in a covered walkway. The outer walls of this walkway are constructed of large open archways. Smiling people walk by my table. Just great!

First came a salad with many different vegetables. Shredded carrot. Some kind of white fish. Broccoli, cauliflower, fruit. Then came the soup, a cream of cilantro. I did not know that a cream soup could be made from the cilantro. Wow, was it good!

Then came the breaded and fried fish. I did not have room for the coffee and dessert!

6:30PM - Took the pill.
Dr. Robles instructed me to take the Dormicum capsule at 6:30pm. This sedative is designed to help people like me who have anxiety before surgery. But I am not anxious about the surgery. It is being in a restricted place for a long time that makes me anxious.

Maybe anxious is to namby-pamby a word. I feel like I have to get up and out of there! When this Dormicum begins to work, I hope that it puts me to sleep!

My surgery is scheduled for 7:15pm.

10:30PM - Back from surgery!
First off, I have to tell you that I performed like a champion! The Dormicum medication did the job on me perfectly. My entire face, except my nose was covered up for two hours, and I had not one bit of anxiety or panic! Being covered up like that normally is not a happy thing for me!

My left eye lid is very swollen from the anesthetic. It looks like I just went one round with
Rocky Marciano..The left side of my mouth is not looking normal because of the anesthetic as well.

I will be staying around Dr. Robles office for about five days for daily visits. My cancer biopsies go out to the pathologist for analysis tomorrow morning.