Thursday, August 13, 2009

Swollen eye

Swollen eye
After the surgery to remove two carcinomas from my nose last Tuesday, my eye got very swollen. This is a normal consequence of this surgery. However, it is a bother for me. Looks terrible and interferes with my reading a bit.

Also, I have had to stick around near my doctor's office instead of looking for adventure. Without this surgery and recovery, I would be up in the mountains on the east side of the continental divide. Reader Kathy reports that area to be gorgeous with rivers and wonderful boondocking sites.

I have an appointment this morning at 9am with Dr. Robles for him to check me out on my recovery.
Swollen eye.

My favorite home!
There is not a doubt in my mind that my favorite home is MsTioga. This is an amazing declaration since I've lived in some pretty nice stick homes.

After Evie and I were married, we bought a home in Monterey Park, California. That was in 1964. In 1970 we moved to Hacienda Heights, CA. In 1974 with income increasing, we moved to West Los Angeles. In 1976, we moved to Walnut Creek, CA. These last two homes had swimming pools!

After my divorce in 1985, I owned one more stick home. That was in the Sierra Nevada town of Arnold, CA where Irene [lady-friend] and I bought "Little Cabin in the Woods."

I was very sure that I would never own another home of my own again. However, I did not know that MsTiogaRV was in my future. And MsTioga has the most wonderful feature that any home can possibly have. Tires!