Monday, August 03, 2009


Yesterday we shared with you that we were planning to return to the high altitude Pueblo of San Joaquín. However, our friend Jimena Shuster talked about Tecozautla which is in area that we have not explored.

So, this morning we are heading toward Tecozautla to search for adventure!

12 Noon - Arrived in Tecozautla!
As MsTioga entered the Pueblo of Tecozautla, it became clear that this is a town of narrow streets. We found no place to park near the center of town. So, after cruising the town's plaza, we headed up a narrow side street to find a place to make our Camp.

When we were about 3/4 mile from El Centro, the road began to widen and MsTioga made her Camp here. Next to this Camp is a small rancho with a medium size field growing tomatoes. The ranchero and his children climbed on to the wall next to MsTioga and chatted with me. They advised that MsTioga would be safe here.

We are going to use Mr. Trek to bicycle back to El Centro to explore around the Pueblo of Tecozautla.
View looking at El Centro from MsTioga's roof.
The steeple in the distance is near El Centro.

Exploring Tecozautla.
When Little Mavicita and I reached La Plaza de Tecozautla, we parked Mr. Trek and looked around. Across from the plaza are a bunch of stands; vegetables, clothing, taco and one fruit stand. Since I had not eaten, I decided to eat lunch and bought a bowl of cut fruit; pineapple, melon, papaya. Taking the fruit to a taco stand, I asked permission to sit at a table with a family of five people. This is a great way to have a conversation with people.

After this meal of two beef tacos and the fruit, I wandered around the plaza talking with people who were sitting in the shade of the trees. There is a nice ice cream stand and I bought a scoop of strawberry ice cream in a crispy cone.

When I returned to MsTioga, my neighbors the rancheros were playing around under a large shade tree. They waved me over and I found them lagging for beers. This rancho is owned by a 79 year old man and his sons.

As I have found all over the country of Mexico, people treat me sooooooo friendly. I stayed and talk with these guys for over an hour. When I left to go back to MsTioga, I had cucumbers, onions and a pomegranate all grown on this rancho!
The plaza with the steeple.

The fruit stand lady.

Lagging for beer.