Sunday, August 23, 2009

Third day in Guanajuato!

Third day in Guanajuato!
Our Camp is on a road that goes up the canyon from the center of Guanajuato. The road then circles the Olla Dam and returns back down the canyon. On weekends, several small outdoor restaurants are open adjacent to the Olla Dam. Mexican tourists fill these restaurants.

This is our third day staying in this same Camp in Guanajuato. We on the TiogaRV Team believe that we shall stay at this Camp next to the Olla Dam for a few more days. We want to do more exploring and walking of the alleys and streets of Guanajuato's downtown center.

Yesterday we took the bus down the canyon, and we will use the bus again today.

11AM - Bus ride to El Centro.
When I caught the bus, the driver moved around to the park near our Camp and stayed there for about fifteen minutes. Another bus driver boarded. Not moving gave the three of us a chance to talk.

We got to talking about prices, and one of the drivers told that he was working a 15 hour shift. That shift would earn him 300 pesos. He was proud of the 300 pesos, and I could tell that this was a lot of money for him. I asked what an apartment with one bedroom cost here in Guanajuato. It is $1000 pesos per month [$80US].

El Centro de Guanjuato.
The center of Guanajuato is filled with roads that run beneath the city. Tunnels and roads are constructed below, and out of sight. I believe that many of these "below roads" are what is left over from the silver mining days.

I walked all over El Centro. This is Sunday, and many tourists from other parts of Mexico were also walking walking around. I could tell by the voices, that some tourists were from other countries of the World.

I walked by several restaurants with outdoor seating. Then found a particularly tranquil plaza with a large brick center area surrounded by little shops and and eating places. Choosing one restaurant with a very large shade tree, I ordered flautas, rolled tortillas filled with chicken. The flautas arrived at my table topped with crumbled white cheese. Very, very good with a large fresh orange juice to drink.
Jorge in Guanajuato.