Saturday, August 01, 2009

We have an invitation!

We have an invitation!
You may remember our dermatologist, Doctor Salvador Robles. Well, the doctor has sent an invitation for us to go to an event known as "La Vendimia". This event is held at a winery called, Freixenet. I am guessing that this event includes wine tasting.

Little Mavicita and I will drive north this morning with the doctor and his family. We are going to eat breakfast in the Town of Ezequiel Montes, which is on the way to our destination.

Isn't this the greatest thing?

9AM to 7PM - My day with the Robles family!
We drove to the restaurant for breakfast. In the car is Salvador, his wife Alejandra and daughter, Greta. At the restaurant which is very popular, Salvador ordered several kilos of delicious beef. The beef arrived at our table with hand made corn tortillas. The tortillas were prepared on a stove just behind our table! There was fresh salsa, chopped white onions and limes to add to our tacos. I ate three tacos! They were sooooooo good!

Then came gorditas, which are very thick corn tortillas filled with seasoned cheese. Gorditas are similar to pocket bread sandwiches. After filling the gorditas, they are fried so that they are slightly crispy. What a delicious breakfast!

At the winery.
After breakfast, we drove to the event site which is located at the Freixenet Winery. We all went to a very large covered dining area and claimed our table. Then Salvador and I went on a tour of the wine manufacturing plant and wine aging rooms. The aging rooms are located underground in what appeared to be temperature controlled areas. Some of the barrels of wine remain here for five years!

After the winery tour, Salvador and I returned to our table in the dining area. I was introduced to Salvador and Alejandra's daughter Barbara, their son-in-law Edgar and their charming grand daughter [whose name I forgot!].

We all walked over to the food court area where I met Salvador and Alejandra's son. His name is Alex and he is studying to be a chef. Alex and his friend who is also studying to be a chef are working in the food court at their pasta kitchen. The two chefs prepare pasta meals to order. Both chefs appeared very happy at their work!

The music and wine celebration.
When we all returned to our table, the music and wine celebration had already begun. Music at events such as these is always loud. Very, very loud! It seems to be a custom in Mexico that music at parties and celebrations has to be loud to be enjoyed. Wow!