Monday, August 17, 2009

What a gorgeous nose!

What a gorgeous nose!
This morning, Dr. Robles removed the last four stitches from my nose. My surgery is complete! How does my nose look to you? Isn't this a gorgeous nose?
No more stitches!

Dr. J. Salvador Robles Alvarez

11AM - Good bye friends!
After leaving Dr. Robles office, MsTioga and The Team headed north to Tequisquiapan. We are going to say good bye to our friends, Pete & Jimena and their house guest Papa Gene.

After our good byes, we want to go to a steak house recommended by Dr. Robles. The restaurant is named, Campo Bravo.

After eating, we plan to head west toward the Pacific Coast. Our summer time camping adventure is coming to the end!

2PM - Campo Bravo Restaurant.
This restaurant is in a lovely setting as you may see in the pic below. My waiter brought out a large tray of meats for selection. I chose one called, "The Cowboy", shown with an arrow in the pic below.

The steak was wonderful. Wow! Do I love a broiled steak!
Campo Bravo entrance.

Campo Bravo's outside eating area.

My Cowboy Steak is shown with arrow.

3PM - Wow! Look at that tire!
After leaving Campo Bravo Restaurant, MsTioga drove to a Pemex gas station to buy gasoline. That's when I noticed a left rear dually tire flat. On examination the tire was found to have blown out completely.

We need to buy a new set of dually tires!
Blown out tire.

5PM - Camped near Dr. Robles' office again.
After the two new tires were installed, it was a bit past 5PM. So, we decided to make a Camp near where we have been Camping recently, near Dr. Robles' office.