Thursday, September 03, 2009

Blogging at Vips!

10AM - Blogging at Vips!
MsTioga is Breakfast Camped at the WalMart in Tepic. We have left Mr. Datastorm on and searching for his satellite in the sky.

Ms. Vaio and I have gone for breakfast at the Vips Restaurant across the parking lot. Vips has wireless internet! We are at a table that even has electricity!

Mr. Datastorm's challenge!
Nobody seems to know for sure what is wrong with Mr. Datastorm. Mysterious things happen to electronic stuff. But we have a plan!

Our friends Del and Angel are living in Aticama on the Playa de Matanchen. They have a Datastorm system in their RV. When we return to Aticama, we plan to take our modem over to their RV and hook up our modem. If the modem works connected to Del & Angel's Datastorm, then we know that our problem is likely in the Datastorm mount on MsTioga's roof.

If our modem does NOT work when on Del and Angel's system, then we know that the modem has something wrong with it or that there may be a problem with our HughesNet satellite.

11AM - Mr. Datastorm connects!
When Ms. Vaio and I went to breakfast at Vips Restaurant, Mr. Datastorm was left trying to connect to his satellite. Well, it may have taken an hour, but Mr. Datastorm was able to finally connect to his satellite! Isn't this wonderful?

This means that we may be able to go camping on the beach of Matanchen, turn Mr. Datastorm on and eventually be able to publish our blog! Wow! This is good news!

3PM - Aticama and the beach of Matanchen!
Jorge, Tioga and The Team are back Camped on the beach of Matanchen. And, it is sooooooo beautiful! We have not viewed the Pacific Ocean for six months!
Tioga & Jorge at la playa de Matanchen.
Temperature at 10pm: 82°F and a bit humid.

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