Friday, September 04, 2009

The castle of Weng and Francisco!

7AM - The castle of Weng and Francisco!
Little Mavicita and I took a hike this morning up the hill to Weng and Francisco's castle. As you may see in the pic below, their castle/home is way up the hill.

Ms. Vaio and I are writing a story about our hike to Weng and Francisco's home. We will tell you about that story when it is published.

Looking at the pic of this magnificent home, you may be thinking that Francisco and Weng are loaded with $dough$ to be able to afford such a place. Not so! This home began many years ago with a dream in Francisco's mind. We are hoping that Francisco will share that dream with us! We want to know the entire story!
Weng & Francisco's castle in Aticama.

Our hiking story!
Jorge and Ms. Vaio have been working on the hiking story for you to read! It is warm and a bit humid inside MsTioga. Would you believe 98°F according to the thermometer on our office wall?

However, we have the electric fan on. The fan is sitting on the copier, and is blowing a nice breeze!

While we were writing up the story, our Skype phone rang. It was Weng phoning from Portland, Oregon. Weng was so excited to see a pic of her castle home on our blog!

Here is a link to "Our hiking story!" [link]

5PM - Day Camp & Nite Camp.
Yesterday afternoon we were visiting with our beach neighbors, Angel and Del. You may recall that this is the couple who built a large beach located palapa over their Class-A RV.

Angel asked me if MsTioga was going to make a Nite Camp right on the beach. At that time, we did not know the answer to this question. But later, we moved to make our Nite Camp next to Little River on the other side of Aticama.

Everybody on the TiogaRV Team agrees. It's a good time Day Camping on the beach and Nite Camping next to the Little River.

Variety! It is the spice of life!

Mr. Datastorm update!
Did we tell you about Mr. Datastorm? You may recall that Mr. Datastorm was having problems connecting to his satellite. However, yesterday we found out that if Mr. Datastorm logged on to his satellite, eventually he would get us online. It might take awhile though.

This afternoon when we made our Nite Camp next to Little River, Mr. Datastorm went up and found his satellite and attempted to log on. While Mr. Datastorm was messing around logging on, I went bathing in the Little River. About 10 minutes after I returned from my bath, Mr. Datastorm got us online!

Pretty good, huh?