Sunday, September 13, 2009

Countdown to leaving

Countdown to leaving!
Only a few days until Little Mavicita, Ms. Vaio and Jorge fly to California. We have made arrangements for MsTioga to stay in the El Chaco RV Campground. MsTioga will be parked just behind our friends Angel and Del. You may remember that Angel and Del built a huge palapa in this campground, under which is their Class-A RV.

Do you get excited before an airplane trip? We sure do! We love the excitement of packing our flight bag, taking the bus from Aticama south to Puerto Vallarta, going to the airport, boarding the airplane. Wow! We love this kind of stuff!

The only real computer backup.

Lately weird things have been happening with Ms. Vaio, the notebook computer. Her wireless network adapter often just says, "Bye Bye", and goes away to wherever adapters go when they leave. Then we have to uninstall the wireless adapter and restart the computer in order get the wireless function back again.

This morning the Vista routine that imports files from our camera decided to not recognize the computer's insert or delete keyboard buttons. After much messing around, the culprit was identified to be our Logitech Wireless Optical Mouse. The mouse driver was downloaded and installed. The new driver seems to have fixed this problem.

We have been thinking that the only real computer backup, is a second computer. Yes! A complete second computer that has everything that our primary computer has. All ready to go.

Why have we come to this conclusion?
Well, what happens when a computer crashes? Even if you have everything backed up, you then either have to take the computer to get repaired, or buy a brand new computer. Either way, you will likely not have a computer that works for awhile!

However, if you have a complete, ready-to-go backup computer. You are home free.

5PM - A day on the beach.
Late this morning, Mauricio and Edith drove up to where MsTioga and The Team are camping on La Playa de Matanchen. They both went for a ride on their bicycles on the beach.

When they returned, we setup umbrellas and tables on the beach. We had a great time talking about tons of things. I am very happy with my Spanish. We talked for hours and had few problems understanding.
Edith, Mauricio and Jorge on the beach.