Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Email today

Email today!
This morning an email came in from Reader Pippa in England! We love to receive email. And from England is a special treat.

Pippa wrote about our Aticama camp being so peaceful. She wanted to know if the flyboys will be back this year. And, "Will you be going for a dip in the ocean anytime soon? Can you see fish swimming around? Is the water clear?"

Here is my reply to Pippa:
I am answering your email from the beach at Matanchen. In front of me, looking out from Tioga's window, the ocean waves are rolling in. The waves are small this morning, about 1/2 meter. And they make a gentle sound, which if I were not typing, would surely put me to sleep.

When I consider the busy cities all around the world, and compare them to my life here in Mexico [especially here in Aticama], I'm blown away by the wonder of my life. How did I get sooooooo lucky to be living this peaceful existence? In this place which must compete with Heaven for a blessed place to live.

I do believe that the flyboys will return this December. Flyboy David talked about going to some different place, but Ole and Chip should be back. I am looking forward to their return!

I have not been in the ocean yet. I'm supposed to stay out of the sunshine. However, I could go in after sundown. The water of the ocean here, is not clear, but murky due to the churning waves. The water, I am told, is very warm. Some claim above 90°F!! I'll have to check that temperature out.
View of Matanchen Bay's surf from Tioga's office window.

5PM - What does a person do in paradise?

You may be wondering what I do all day, here in this paradise. Well, it is paradise, and a very warm place paradise is for me.

I have been doing a lot of reading, with my little fan blowing to cool myself down from the 97°F temperature. My body seems to have adjusted nicely to this warm climate. Although it is not exactly comfortable, because of the humidity.

This evening I am planning to treat myself out for supper. Maybe at the Casa Mañana, the hotel which has a nice restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean.
Casa Mañana.