Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fiberglass repairs

Fiberglass repairs
This morning MsTioga is going to Pepe's Fiberglass Shop in the Pueblo of Jalcocotán. When MsTioga's fiberglass roof was installed [link], the fiberglass was not properly attached to one of the roof vents. This error eventually caused a rain leak to develop at the bottom of the forward vent.

We made an appointment with Pepe so that he will apply new fiberglass to run up this roof vent. After repairs, accumulated rain water on the roof will not be able to flow passed the vent and down inside MsTioga.

There are some other cosmetic fiberglass and paint repairs to be done. Pepe is also MsTioga's paint repair guy. Over the past several months, MsTioga has developed some paint damage that needs attention.

9AM - Pepe Fierro's Carroceria.
MsTioga is parked in the road alongside Pepe Fierro's Carroceria [body shop]. Pepe is fixing the leaks in the roof vents. MsTioga will return here in October, to repair the cosmetic paint and fiberglass dings. Pepe has too much work right now, to give us more time.

The cost of the fiberglass vent repairs is $150 pesos [$11.85US].
Maestro Pepe on Tioga's roof.

1PM - City of Tepic.
The TiogaRV Team is in the City of Tepic. We have come to Tepic to buy a few things. One of these is to refill Tioga's propane tank. We want the tank filled so that we will be able to run Mr. Dometic [our refrigerator] during the trip to California [link].

Tioga and Jorge want to stay the nite in Tepic. We are very surprised to find that the weather here in Tepic is much cooler than in Aticama. Only 89°F inside MsTioga instead of the usual 98°F during the afternoons of the past few days!