Sunday, September 06, 2009

Francisco's Castle!

Francisco's Castle!
If you have been following the story of Weng, The Mail Order Bride, then you know that there another story behind the Weng story. This other story is about a remarkable free spirit. A man with a vision, ahead of his time. It is the story of Francisco Kohler and his castle.

How is a dream created? Does it begin with a spark of imagination? A flicker of hope? Today Francisco begins his story to share with you how it all began! [link]

Selling gorditas for a living.
MsTioga takes the paved highway each morning to our Beach Camp along the Bay of Matanchen. On the way, we pass a food stand where a husband and wife stay together selling gorditas. The husband is there for company. The wife prepares the gordita dough right there at the stand on a table. Then she bakes her gorditas on a propane fired griddle.

This couple told me of their adventures with jobs on "the other side", in the State of California. He worked in auto repair shops. She worked in an office. They both used coyotes [people smugglers] to cross the border. They paid $3,000US each to the coyotes. Here in Mexico, people who do not have a lot of money in the bank, find that legal papers are almost impossible to obtain. That is why they used coyotes.

The couple sells gorditas here seven days a week. Arriving at 9am and staying until dark. They live in the Pueblo of Santa Cruz, about 10 miles south of Aticama. Their gorditas are not the usual gorditas which are filled with various meats, cheeses and stuff. This couple's gorditas are more like cookies, but soft and sweet.

I bought a bag of gorditas. Five gorditas for $10 pesos [$1US]. I ate my gorditas while talking to them about their story. After about 1/2 hour of talking, all my gorditas were eaten. They are good!
Selling gorditas in Aticama.

4PM - 97°F inside MsTioga.
It is a good thing that we have a Team electric fan! Makes a huge difference to have that fan blowing when it is this warm. Some readers have wondered if I made an error returning to Aticama this early in the year. Perhaps so!

7PM - Morning and evening.
Every morning since we arrived back at Aticama, MsTioga has been going to the beach. Then in the evening, she returns to the Little River. Strangely, we on the TiogaRV Team do not get tired of this routine. In fact, we feel soooooo lucky to be living this life.

Take a look at what we see out our windows!
View from MsTioga's rear window.

View out front window.